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Vertical Fabric: Density In Landscape


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Hong Kong Exhibition and Response Exhibition of the 16th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition
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Vertical Fabric: Density In Landscape
100 towers 
100 architects


100個建築師 100個塔樓

Hong Kong Exhibition Vertical Fabric: density in landscape, demonstrates the urban conditions of Hong Kong and explores the freespace through towers. 100 Exhibitors, including architects from Hong Kong and overseas, are invited to design their towers of freespace, making statements on tower typology in the vertical city. 100 white tower models of 2.0 meters in height are open for the 100 exhibitors to re-define the spatial potential while maintaining its envelope as a collective urban form. The exhibition manifests innovation within constraints while generating extraordinary spaces from ordinary form. By installing 100 towers marching along the courtyard extending into exhibition rooms, the venue illustrates the compactness of Hong Kong‘s urban form and provides a platform of dialogue with the world, shaping a discourse of Hong Kong’s urbanism and vertical architecture. It also provides architects with opportunities to re-think the design of tower beyond, incubating visions when facing global challenges in technology, environment, and society.



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